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6 Benefits of using artificial grass

Having a big lush green lawn is a delightful idea but it requires a lot of money and effort to keep it that way. Maintaining a natural lawn is no joke and you need to either take some time out of your schedule to look after it well or hire a professional gardener to do the job. If you are unable to do both, then the best idea is to invest in good-quality artificial grass for your garden design Dubai. Read below to know why using artificial grass is so popular these days.

No watering

For artificial grass, you don’t need to invest in water cans, pipes, or other stuff to water your plants. In a traditional lawn, you need to think of a proper water system to water the grass on time. Even a slight delay in watering could cause drying of the grass. On the contrary, artificial grass doesn’t need watering except for the time of cleaning to remove the dirt.

No grass stains

Children and pets love to play on lawns for long hours. They play, fall, and enjoy playing out in the open on a velvet green lawn. They often get green grass stains on their clothes that are hard to go no hard you try. The artificial grass leaves no such stains on the clothes no matter how hard the clothes may come into contact with it.

Best for limited space

If you want to incorporate some green features in your house but don’t have much space to arrange a full-fledged lawn, then artificial grass is the best to fill up small spaces. You can install the artificial grass on your balcony, make a small flowerbed in the living room and install some there, on the rooftop, and so on. All you have to do is to buy small patches and plant wherever you need.

No need to mow

The natural grass requires mowing at least once after a week. On the other hand, artificial grass requires no trimming or mowing as it doesn’t grow. It will remain in its shape even after a year. It means you don’t need to hire any gardener or take some time out from your busy schedule to mow the lawn.  

No change in color

One of the best things about artificial grass is that it doesn’t change its color no matter what. Natural grass tends to change color with a slight change in temperature, weather, or delay in watering. The artificial grass continues to look lush green throughout the year without any color change.     

No fertilizers

For natural grass to stay healthy and sustainable, you need to use fertilizers. The artificial grass requires no watering or fertilizing or any such feed. You save a lot of money this way.

No weeds

In natural grass, weeds and sprouts tend to grow with time. You need to arrange a thorough cleaning on weekly basis to keep the lawn safe from weeds. On the contrary, artificial grass faces no such issue. It's just like rolling out a lush green carpet on your lawn.

In nutshell, it is safe to say that artificial grass requires fairly low maintenance as compared to natural grass. Apart from the initial investment, you don’t need to spend much money or resources to keep the outlook of the grass. If you are interested in acquiring high-quality artificial grass from trusted landscaping companies, reach out to us at Phoenician UAE.

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