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Soft landscaping & Irrigation

Landscaping is an art in itself that combines multiple elements and features to generate a captivating scene on a site. Phoenician Technical Services LLC has all the necessary resources that can beautify your garden. It is possible to retain the beautiful appeal of the garden and the surrounding landscape. We recommend our clients with the most beautiful and practical design ideas. We also help our clients install water features so that the beauty of the surrounding can be uplifted. If you truly want elegant garden views, the Phoenician Technical Services LLC can extend you a helping hand. Relaxing in a well-maintained, picturesque garden delivers a wonderful feeling.

We have experts who can guide you on the issues of soft landscaping and irrigation. After associating with our services, you will notice a new charm in your garden. Our team is very capable and has the best soft landscapers to help you out. We ensure that the best quality plants are selected in the perfect manner in order to harmonize the landscape garden designs. We are present to help our clients on each and every step, from the makeover of the garden to the beautification of the lawns. Our experts know how to create an impressive impact. The experts of Phoenician Technical Services LLC check all the important aspects so as to deliver quality results.

Feel free to discuss all your soft landscaping requirements with the team of Phoenician Technical Services LLC. Our assistance and guidance will be available at each step from design to maintenance in order to ensure that your project is a complete success. We have dedicated experts who leave no stone unturned to ensure the expectations of the clients are fulfilled:

You can expect our team to help with the following requirements:

  ➔   Seeding and hydroseeding

➔   Tree shrub and herbaceous planting

➔   Semi-mature tree planting

➔   Soil and turf reinforcing systems

➔   Managing automatic irrigation systems

➔   Edible hedging

➔   Managing natural grass sports surface

➔   Adjusting roof gardens

➔   Pond and riverside planting

Our team has specialization in garden design, landscape construction and ground maintenance. We have collected a vast experience that enables us to deliver flawless results. Phoenician Technical Services LLC has a large database of satisfied clients. Our pristine reputation is the proof that we are counted among the best landscaping consultancy services. We can help you to have a well-constructed garden. You can get an ideal garden with the help of our landscape architect. Feel free to contact us if you are searching for soft landscaping and irrigation services.

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