Soft landscaping & Irrigation

Landscape design is more than just using a piece of software to layout where you want things to be. Great landscape design means that you take everything from soil conditions, irrigation ability, landscape architecture, as well as intended use and upkeep requirements into account.

Whether you have commercial project or are just looking to redo your front garden, we can do it all. We have the people, the professionalism and the experience in everything from patio and paver installation to laying sod, installing irrigation systems, landscape lighting, plant installation, retaining walls and even water features.

We also take visual elements like light, perspective, color and shading into mind when we design your new landscape. Our goal is to leave you with a stunning end product that will take your breath away all year long.

PTS will work with you to achieve the most efficient irrigation system possible. Without proper irrigation, lawns and plants die, and replacing them is costly. The only way to ensure that your landscaping investment is protected is to install an irrigation system. Our professional team includes irrigation technicians, licensed lawn care professionals and landscape specialists.


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!