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Make your properties more appealing with Green Walls

Having plants, lawns, and green areas in homes or commercial units is essential to improve the quality of life. As the world is heading towards a dangerous climate change, the responsibility lies on every human being to play a role in making the earth more breathable and friendly for living beings. As per researchers and scientists, the plantation is the best way to mitigate the effects of climate change in your region. However, urbanization has also proved to be the biggest concern in planting more trees and keeping green spaces in the cities. As more people are moving towards urban areas from rural areas, metropolitan cities like Dubai are witnessing a construction boom with lesser spaces left for parks and greenery. In this scenario, people need to come up with innovative solutions to allocate some space for greenery and plants in the buildings. One such unique solution is installing a green walls design Dubai in the building. Green Walls are vertical wall structures that grow plants in limited spaces. They are not important in preserving nature and improving the air quality but also add tons of beauty and aesthetic appeal to the building. Here are the major benefits of having green walls in the buddings.

Clean the air

Green walls play an important role in improving the air quality by absorbing pollutants and dust particles. They also effectively minimize the smog formation and purifies the air to make it safe to breathe in.

Increase Productivity

The greenery and plants are guaranteed to improve mood and increase the well-being of those around it. Imagine living in a grey concrete structure with no signs of nature close to your workplace. Now imagine having a tall lush green wall full of enchanting fresh plants placed in the lobby of the building. The green wall is an enchanting feature to have and it won’t be wrong to call it a ‘breath of fresh air in a concrete jungle.

Co2 emissions

A single square meter of a green wall is estimated to absorb around 2.3kg of Co2 annually making it a remarkable feature to have. The green walls are erected using an array of fresh green plants that absorbs Co2 in the air and release fresh oxygen.

Maintaining Temperature

Green Walls are also instrumental in controlling the temperature inside the building by adding an extra layer of insulation. These walls have exceptional potential to keep the buildings cooler during summertime and keep the place cozy in winter by retaining heat.

Natural Sound Proof System

One of the remarkable aspects of green walls is that they offer great safety from noise pollution. As the population in urban localities is growing incredibly, the addition to noise pollution is also increasing. At times the buildings have to make extra effort to keep the internal environment noise-free, especially in sensitive areas such as hospitals, educational institutions, and so on.

So, are you ready to have a green wall in your building? Call us now at Phoenician and consult our experts for comprehensive irrigation Design and Installation for establishing a green wall in your building. 

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