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Save your plants from the heat in Summers

Just like all of us, plants too are vulnerable to the effects of weather around them. Especially in Dubai where daytime temperatures become unbearable, it is necessary to protect plants from excessive heat. During the peak summer months, it becomes difficult to keep the plants looking fresh and hydrated. You have to go the extra mile to make your plants moisturized and sheltered where needed. To make a proper network of water supply and shelter, you can take the help of landscape contractors to fix a system. However, if you have limited resources or fewer plants, you can make some effort yourself to keep the effects of summers at bay. In this post, we are sharing some tips that can effectively save your plants from the heat.

Water in morning

It is best to water your plants in the morning time as at that time the plants are more likely to absorb maximum water. During noontime, most of the water evaporates before reaching the plants.


Mulching around plants allows the soil to retain its moisture for the long term. You can get quality mulch from any plant nursery in dubai.

Use Shade covers

Shading helps a lot to keep the heat at bay. But make sure to not keep it too tight to let the air travel through. It is also important to maintain an appropriate amount of sun exposure that is necessary for plants.

Avoid over-watering

Some people think it is a smart idea to keep watering plants over and again. However, over-watering the plant can prove to be damaging. The excessive moisture in plants can lead to the production of bacteria and leaf wilting.

Pest control

Summer is also the favorite season of pests and plants are also vulnerable to the attack. It is important to keep plants safe from harmful bacteria, bugs, and pests. Hire the services of pest control companies to secure the plants.

Avoid re-potting

Re-potting is a routine matter for gardeners but we advise them to avoid exercise during summer. The plants are prone to damage during the re-potting process which will cause additional stress on plants.

Make your garden more lively this summer

It goes without saying that summers can cast huge effects on plants. But no need to worry if you have reliable contractors like Phoenician on your side to provide the best advice and equipment for your garden. You can get amazing water features for garden dubai such as waterfalls, pools, etc. to make your garden more fun and lively during summers.

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