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Use Water Features in Home Design

Decorating the house to look aesthetically pleasing is the wish of many house owners. There are thousands of ways to enhance the look of your house and incorporating water features is one of the popular ones. However, we must tell you before you make up your mind that it is going to be a costly experience. If you are serious about reshaping how your house looks, you need to hire the help of professionals from trusted landscaping companies to build beautiful and sustainable water projects in your house. Here are some ideas for water features you could use in your house.  

Build a Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are the most aesthetic and useful to have in the house. They don’t just serve as an ornament to enhance beauty but also can be used for swimming for better physical or mental health. There are numerous pool designs that you can pick according to your house’s overall design and the space available for it. For instance, if you are going for the most popular infinity pool, you need to have ample space. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can go for a lap pool. If you have limited space in the house for a full fledge pool, you can opt for a pool or spa pool. In short, a swimming pool is the best option to incorporate some cool water features into your house.

Install a large Aquarium

If you are fond of pets, installing a large aquarium is also fun. However, you need to be extra careful with an aquarium to look after the living beings inside it well. If space allows, installing a large aquarium is an incredible idea to make your space more alive. Moreover, we can say with confidence that fishes are a great company to have. It is not just a decorative piece in your house but also a complete hobby to keep yourself occupied.  

Artificial Waterfall

Installing a waterfall in the backyard or the garden is also significant in adding a dramatic look to the house. You can get the help of professional contractors to build a waterfall but with little effort, you can do it yourself as well. Just think of a water flow system and use features like stones and lights to make it the focal point in the garden. You can seek the help of professionals at Phoenician as well to build a lovely waterfall in the garden.  


Fountains are used traditionally in large bungalows and villas everywhere in the world. As with other aforementioned features, they also serve the purpose of irrigation and a place for birds to bathe and rest. Having a fountain in the house adds a classical look to the building. It makes the backyards or garden, wherever it is planted, an ideal place to enjoy nature, arrange photoshoots, and so on.

Portable Birdbaths

If you are running low on budget and space, you can get a bit creative and make a DIY birdbath fountain. Look up some ideas on Pinterest and install a small birdbath on the balcony, backyard, rooftop, or wherever you like. All you need to do is to change the water daily and keep it clean.

If you are looking for other water features for garden Dubai, contact us at Phoenician UAE.  

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