Swimming pools, Fountains and Water features

The design: means that we first consult with our client to design their project. Each project is a work of art and collaborates closely with each client in the design. We come up with a 2D design which is presented to the client for approval, If any changes are to be made the 2D drawing is amended and once again discussed with the client

The construction: Our swimming pools are all hand build to suit your individual needs. No pool is too small or big. We are able to work without heavy machinery, allowing us to work in confined garden spaces and complexes. Whether your swimming pool just needs some minor facelifts or an extreme makeover; we have the knowledge and experience to turn your swimming pool into a garden feature.

The Care Program: Your swimming pool represents a substantial investment. Even the simplest pool is a complex union of equipment that circulates, filters, sanitizes and, in many cases, heats, cascades or sprays the water. A certain amount of maintenance is necessary to keep these systems running smoothly.

Fountains & Water features

A backyard water garden is the perfect solution for relaxing at home. Let our experts show you how to bring a little piece of nature right to you and your family. A water garden is not only peaceful and relaxing, but eliminates yard maintenance by replacing part of your lawn. A pond requires only minutes of upkeep each week, but attracts all the relaxation you can spare.


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